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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 09:46

we set up our very own christmas tree yesterday!! it was so special! haha, and then it was late to the moment natasha arrived, gabriel and me left. it was raining so heavily. we wanted to take a cab but the queue was so long. so we decided to walk up ahead.. then to cut the long story short. we walk and walk. but no cab. walk somemore.. all wet la! then i tried calling a cab.. i din know the number. i just dialled 62225555. some one picked up and went, "hello, goodevening!" yes, it was the wrong number. should be 62215555 or sth like that. . .
i was all, "i want a taxi -" then the man over the phone said.. "sorry we not taxi!" ah, then finally got a cab la.

do go to levanwee.blogspot.com to see pictures!

im going to work now.... sigh, at tangs vivo.. oh how i dread this.


Friday, December 15, 2006 01:16

Tomorrow! friday15december2006
morning shift. still have to
1. meet dad for dinner
2. celebrate the night

1. go to church
2. build christmas tree at leoneard's.
( i never decorate X'mas tree b4!!! exciting!!!)
3. go out with ah choo yee. . .

1.work ah . . .
but got. . .
2. cell
3. joik's church


Wednesday, December 13, 2006 11:59

My scanner cannot on. . . i have no idea why.

i wrote a post but cant post it here, cos i cannot even on the scanner. . hai.
nevermind, nevermind. i'll post it when i can know how to on the scanner.

you know, yesterday was my last day at parkway! whee. today is the last day kiplong is having a wagon there. thank goodness im not working. or i'll have to pack stocks!! ahahha
and then yesterday after work. ate icecream! so cooool .. . 've been craving for that thing for so long.

so today im not working. gosh. just realised that all my recent post all revolve around work. nono.. gotta find time for friends. hmm.. today im meeting fiona later in the day to get tix! she's getting for sth.. im getting for.. duh ~ MUSE !!!
and then tomorrow joycelyn and dono who will me visiting me at taka while i work. then after my work at six plus. we'll go shopping!! she'll get X'mas gifts. i'll just see. cos i've gotten most of mine already!

what do i want for X'mas. for me, God has blessed me with these special ppL earlier this year. it's so enough for me already. i know we'll be friends for many many years to come. it's only been a few monthes but so much has happened.
God also has taught me many things this year. thru mistakes i've learnt . never to take adveantage of the trust ppL have in you. to always tresaure the ppL around you. . . and so much more.

most importantly, i ve grown so much closer to god. for the first time i understand what i sing to god, all thse pnw songs. from those which simply say "God is so good, God is so good. God is so good, is so good to me" to those like "u are magnificent, eternally wonderful glorious . . ." God has never stopped loving me, never forgotten or forsaken me. just like any dad, your love, regardless of my mistakes, will spoil me. despite letting u down time and time again, u forgive and let me have my way in certain things. just . . . amazing ...
haha, not to forget, God has blessed me with a nice job. with good colleagues and all.

so since god has blessed me so much, its only that i should, in turn, love these people and bless them as much as i can too! :-)

but for christmas, i dont mind Drake Bell's new album, It's Only TIme. hee hee. impossible la. it's new. the previous album, Telegraph, is from overseas somemore woh~. haha

time to bathe and go out!

Baby! gimmie a sign, give me a reason, make upp your mind..
DARLIN!!!!! only a foooll, couldnt see through us, kow what we dooo.. .. . . . . . . . . .



Saturday, December 09, 2006 00:06

HHhaaaa hmmmmm . . .

im Working!!

at kipling.. [not pulling strings okay] we went for proper interview.
anyways i love working at taka!! so many friendly people. i knew jiayang and qingquan first. . then jamie, aunty violet, roger also nice. . still got ain, people from other department. all so friendly and helpful! :-) feel so blessed.

hai . . but i am supposed to run around. like here, katong isetan, vivo tangs. . etc.

today i worked at parkway isetan. don like it here. Although ppL here also veh friendly ah. but taka is better, more challenging, exciting! ahahehhaha ive been going to parkway since young. hence, no kick.

stood at the wagon for the whole day. felt so sick. vomitted the moment i got home..sigh, during lunce, i was alone. so i bought my alltimefavourite, BEANO to entertain myself!! i don like it there!! but no choice, i don make decisions. i will be there on sunday and monday still, then i'll be stationed at vivo tangs. '_'. die. so far.

heyhey. eah. next week i'll be at vivo, maybe can meet ling mei?? heheyyy!! yay!

but i still miss taka . . .

ohoh, im in love with ART-M. a bag fron kipling. color, CORAL. but i sold it away. . . how sad. i want!! ask my mom. heehhh. i also like another one. in MANDARin, sold the last one away too.. hah

man, i have a terrible headache!
shuuuiiii jjiaaaoooo leeeerrr!

tomorrow no work!!

i hope uncle roger will put me at taka after christmas. . .
please LOrd i pray.



Thursday, November 23, 2006 10:45

this is probally one of the best band camps yet.

u arrive anytime you want, say four or five pm. and then you stand at the side of the music room,see the rest of the band suffer. shivering and having to listen to mr wong's lame jokes. yep, since 7 or 8am in the morning. u're thankful you've graduated.

time passes and soon it's night. no dinner for us. good thing, good thing. sick of Fatimah's. we have that almost for every band camp!!!

sec4s 5s, and alumni go out to have a meal at longjohn's. buy some chips, cereal and go back to school.

it's time for Lights Out. they sleep in classrooms, on the floors or the tables. it is dark, scary and stinky.

the exseniors chill and watch scarymovie3 and a bit of HSM in the music room. air-conditioned. great time.
two plus in the morning. everyone's a bit seh~ abit cranky.
board game monopoly. try to sleep.
so cold. Brr-rrr-r-r- '~'

next day, 5bx, make the band do buddah clap. ~evil~
breakfast for all. the band has another day of training and games and what not ahead. the exseniors go home, rest, and prepare for the Farewell party later on.

hahahahaahahah. tonight we are going to put all kinds of things on their faces while they sleep. chili, ketchup, toothpaste... anyone bringing flour??

=] but after band camp, it's chauch camp, folled by red camp, and then go malaysia. continuously, like back to back. leaving me not even a few hours break. so i have to start packing for 3 things.

yep, im off to watch WuSong and LinChong.. and panjing li... sth sth..
2nd time watching, but still interesting! :-)

see my bubbles


Monday, November 20, 2006 16:28

no more exams.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006 11:20

im at mac now. its so boring. BK at t1 i so empty. so i came all the way to T2's mac to get an apple pie. pie!

wei qian's blogging too. typing so fiercely at this lousy keyboard. haha.

my apple pie's getting cold. so, byebye one and all ! ! !

oh, the girl beside me. she's way freaky . . .